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Why Choose Sabre ?

Why Choose Sabre Red?
"Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975"

Escalate Your Defense Spray...
Not Your Level of Force!

People that know me, know that I enthusiastically endorse carrying pepper spray for personal defense. I believe very strongly in the advantage it gives in keeping you and your family safe. I have carried and recommended pepper spray for many, many years. In recommending Sabre, I have found a company and a product that I have the ultimate confidence in. My recommendation of Sabre does not come lightly, as my reputation (and conscience) is at stake. After all, I am not just recommending the generic concept of pepper spray, I am recommending a specific brand.

I investigated a number of top brands that are available to law enforcement that also produced a civilian version that would conform to Michigan Law. This investigation ultimately lead me to Security Equipment Corporation, the company that produces SABRE RED. I traveled to their lab and production facility in St. Louis, Missouri. I discovered an extremely professional family run business that produces a highly effective product under very strict, self-imposed, standards of quality. They are the only producers of pepper spray that have their own lab on-site to test the incoming raw OC as well as the end product that they produce.

It is this commitment to high quality and consistency along with their genuine concern for the safety of law enforcement officers and civilians who rely on their product, that I not only stake my professional reputation on, but also my life. SABRE RED is the pepper spray that I carry, but even more importantly, it is the pepper spray that I trust to give to members of my own family to carry.

- Gary Sikorski                            
Reasonable Force Training

The Michigan Formula produced by Sabre is 2% OC (as required by Michigan law) but is a devastating 5 Million SHU's with a Major Capsaicinoids Content (MCC) of .67% - THE HOTTEST AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET TODAY, providing safe, non-lethal protection. It is at least 4 to 10 times hotter than the typical Law Enforcement spray!

The SHU value is established through high technology, a computerized method called high-performance liquid chromatography. The pepper scale ranges from zero Scoville unit for a bell pepper to 5,000 - 25,000 shu or so for a jalapeno pepper, to a whopping 200,000 - 375,000 shu's for a habanero pepper! Pure capsaicin is 15,000,000 shu. The oleoresin capsicum used in our formula is derived from the hottest peppers and further processed and refined until the heat rating is 5,000,000 shu (5 million!).

SABRE and SABRE Red are specially designed hot formulas with a red UV marking dye that is used by law enforcement agencies across the US. The Professional Gun Retailers Association awarded SABRE the Most Potent Defense Spray for 2003.

Sabre products use a Ballistic Stream, Full Cone Mist, and Foam Spray Patterns. Because of the special formula and spray designs, the units provide up to 75% longer spray. The SABRE RED formula remains in a special in-phase state and does not have to be shaken before use. The last shot out of the unit will be just as strong and shoot just as far as the first shot! SABRE products can even be discharged while the canister is upside down!

SABRE RED was adopted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Phoenix Police Department describing it simply as "the best tactical spray". Other police departments using SABRE include New York City, Detroit, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Miami, Tampa, Denver, Boston, and Houston, to name a few. The most often reasons stated for choosing SABRE are; Non-flammable, Product Effectiveness, Non-toxic, and Level III Major Capsaicinoids. Sabre products have the longest shelf life on the market! Take confidence in knowing that Sabre is the preferred pepper spray used by many local, state, and federal agencies across the country.

Each SABRE defense spray product has been tested, and proven to be extremely safe, by independent laboratories for the following:

Dermal Irritation
Eye Irritation
OC pungency

In addition, numerous other tests are performed on every SABRE defense spray canister that is produced. For example, a crimp, weight, pressure, and temperature test is performed on every SABRE canister. SABRE employs the highest quality control and production standards in the industry.

SABRE and SABRE RED units Feature:
UV-ultraviolet light sensitive dye for police suspect identification
Highly effective results against individuals under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
Inconspicuous, handheld styles
Safety locking tops, with easy operation
Up to 75% longer spray per unit
Highest quality manufacturing standards
Superior formulation
Propellant is non-flammable, medical grade, non-ozone depleting, no global warming
Law Enforcement Recommended

SABRE ® products containing Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) as their active ingredient use only food grade red pepper. Because OC is grown naturally, there can be a wide inconsistency in the pungency of peppers with each harvest. 

Some of the factors effecting OC potency include:

  • Sunlight
  • Precipitation
  • Soil Nutrients 

The University of Utah recently conducted extensive testing on OC Sprays.  A summary of their findings is published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, May 2001 (pdf) in the article titled, “Quantitative Analysis of Capsaicinoids in Fresh Peppers, Oleoresin Capsicum and Pepper Spray Products.”  Here are some important facts covered within the article:

  • “SHU values were sometimes overstated by a factor of > 100 times.”
  • “Variability could alter potency and ultimately jeopardize the safety and health of users and assailants.”
  • “Manufacturers of oleoresin capsicum and self-defense weaponry employ few, if any, analytical measures to determine the concentration of active ingredients in the product and to ensure consistent chemical composition.”

Recognizing this, Security Equipment Corporation (SEC) operates its own in-house laboratory dedicated to performing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis to ensure capsaicinoid consistency with every batch.  As a result of our in-house HPLC technology, SABRE provides the most consistent level of pungency possible to further increase safety of SABRE users.

SEC is the only defense spray manufacturer that has an in-house HPLC laboratory. In fact, in recent independent laboratory testing, it was determined that many personal defense sprays claims were overstated by as much as 95%. The results of the analysis show that SABRE Red® ranges from 20% to 95% hotter than the competition.



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