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Reasonable Force
Pepper Spray Training - CSAP and Public Safety Training

SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Program
and Law Enforcement Chemical Aerosol Projector Course

Integrate the use of pepper spray into your personal safety strategy. Reasonable Force Training offers
Law Enforcement
and Civilian Instructor and User programs.

O.C. Pepper Spray is a "Force Multiplier", allowing the user to generate a tremendously effective response with very little effort on their part!   Pepper Spray allows the user to deal with and respond to aggression at a safe distance.  Alternative force options are a MUST for personal self-defense for BOTH men and women, and for self-defense while armed.

Program Descriptions:

CSAP User & Instructor Programs

Law Enforcement Aerosol Projector User and Instructor Course


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Pepper Spray Training Class by SABRE


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Have You Ever Felt Vulnerable?

Have you ever been awaken by a startling sound during the middle of the night? How about the last time you walked across a dark parking lot or felt that eerie feeling while walking to your car in a parking garage? Remember the stranger following too closely behind you? What about the relief you felt after it was over? What if you had been attacked? Want to feel more secure and less vulnerable? You can become a victim or you can take control of the situation. If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to take this program and learn survival skills which may save your life!
Pepper Spray Training Class

Everyone Should Take This Training Program

Commuters… Retirees… Nurses… Couples… Homemakers… Bartenders… Singles… Runners… Wait Staff… College Students… Walkers… Your Loved Ones… Real Estate Agents… Managers … Women… Men… Your Children… Business Travelers…

If your job or professional requires you to work with strangers or visit unfamiliar places, this class is certainly for you.

Men? Absolutely! Whether you’re a male or female, even if you have proficient self defense skills, why go hands on when you can possibly avoid an attack or defend yourself from a distance?

Carry a cell phone? Maybe you’ll have time to call the police, but it could take several minutes for them to arrive!
You must be at least 18 years old to attend.












Woman Walking


Class Spray

Why Was the Program Created?

Security Equipment Corporation (SEC), the family owned and operated manufacturer of SABRE Defense Sprays, wanted to further increase the safety of SABRE users! The Nance family teamed up with elite law enforcement instructors to design a program specifically to maximize your safety.

Although every SABRE canister is packaged with instructions on how to use the product, the techniques presented to avoid attacks and the practical training drills executed during simulated attacks give CSAP students knowledge and experience to live smarter and safer.

CSAP’s lead Master Instructor, Gary Sikorski, is a retired Deputy Chief from the Detroit Area and has taught safety awareness programs for over ten (10) years. Gary’s programs were so popular that he became the go to safety expert for the local NBC news affiliate.

2007 US CRIME STATISTICS (Latest available)

• Murder — Every 31 Minutes
(46 People Per Day!)

• Rape — Every 5.8 Minutes
(248 People Per Day!)

• Robbery — Every 1.2 Minutes
(1,200 Per Day!)

• Aggravated Assault — Every 37 Seconds
(2,345 People Per Day!)

Course Length: 3 Hours
Fee: $65.00

(Group Rates Available)




Student Kit


Gary Sikorski (Deputy Chief, Ret.)
CSAP Developer and Lead Instructor





Law Enforcement Instructor Course

LE Training

SABRE Law Enforcement Instructor Courses:Chemical Aerosol Projector

Course Description:
The one day, ten hour course, will certify training officers within your agency as SABRE Instructors. The Instructor Certification Class will educate the officer in the proper application of SABRE OC products. Other important factors covered include proper aim, holstering, transporting and positioning, inert training, hydraulic needle, spray patterns, formulations, decontamination, when to use SABRE, as well as other important information.

Who should be certified:
It is recommended that each agency using or planning to use SABRE Aerosol Projectors have at least two instructors on staff. The instructor will be trained to teach his/her agency in the proper use of the materials provided at the Instructor class.

Training Fee:
The certification class costs $150.00 per person. The certification is valid for three (3) years.


Sabre recommends bringing a change of Clothes, Towels, & Safety Glasses.

Student Comments
"Great course, great content, well presented"
"This class lets you practice under 'real life' situations"
"Pepper spray is a must for everyone"
"Gave me actual experience with using a unit in training"
"Needed instruction for anyone who carries a pistol"

"Good overview of how OC fits in the self-defense force continuum"

To register see Course Schedule for upcoming classes,
or contact Reasonable Force to schedule or host a class.

As with all of our programs, we can host your training program at our Reality Based Training Center in Westland, Mi, or bring the training to you at your location or workplace.

All Reasonable Force Training Programs are Guaranteed by a No Questions Asked 100% Refund
if You Aren't Completely Satisfied!

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